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Date: 12th June 2016
Waterproof Case For Sony NEX6
Quick DetailsPlace of Origin:Guangdong,Website:, China (Mainland)Brand Name:MeikonModel Number:meikon-SY-10Type:Hard BagMaterial:PCProduct Statue:in storkMatched Camera:Sony NEX6 16-50mmPrice:Different quantities have different discountsSize(mm):160*125*115Net Weight:780gColor:BlackTemperature:0-40?(32-104?)IP grade:130F waterproof/ 1M shockproofElement:O-ringKey Word:Waterproof Camera cases for Sony NEX6 16-50mmYour Waterproof Camera Cases, Fit for Sony NEX6 16-50mmMeikon waterproof camera cases for Sony NEX-6 16-50mm designed just for you!Our housings?feature new design, high quality and waterproof, dust proof, sand proof, rain proof and snow proof.Depth rating:50MUp to?0~40?C(32-104?F)?Touch screen compatible.Super clear lens for optimal picture quality.Come with an attachable strap.Certificates: CES and IPx8.Warranty: 2yearsHow to use the case:Prepare the waterproof case:1, Check the waterproof case2, Remove the waterproof case seal from the mounting groove3, Check the waterproof seal and the mounting groove4, Apply grease to the entire waterproof seal then attach the seal5, Close the waterproof case6, Hold the waterproof case in water?7, Wipe the exterior of the waterproof case with a soft, dry clothPrepare the camera:1, Insert a memory card if necessary and attach a fully-charged battery pack2, Remove the grip and the optional wrist or shoulder strap, if attached3, Turn on the camera and change in advance the camera settings as necessary?4, Turn off the cameraSecure the camera in the case:1, Make sure the button and zoom lever are operating correctly2, Attach the wrist strap to the waterproof caseRemove the camera:1, Make sure the catch is securely closed2, wash the exterior of the waterproof case in fresh water3, wipe the exterior of the waterproof case with a soft, dry cloth4, Close the waterproof case and fasten the catch5, Close the waterproof case and waterproof sealCheck the waterproof seal:1, Remove the waterproof seal and wipe off the grease2, Check the waterproof seal3, Check the mounting groove on the waterproof caseCleaning the waterproof case:1, Close the waterproof case2, Wash the exterior of the waterproof case in fresh water3, Remove the waterproof case from the ware make sure no debris remains on the exterior4, Wipe the exterior of the waterproof case with a soft, dry cloth and open the case5, Remove the wp seal,?the debris on the contact surface and on the mounting groove6, Wipe the interior and exterior of the wp case with soft dry cloth7, Air dry the wp case in a shaded place
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